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November 7, 1980

We now are tied up at the yacht club, stern anchor and two bow lines to a jetty. Peaceful and calm. Our neighbors have given us many compliments on M.M.'s appearance. There is the Golden Hind here, or I should say she's at anchor in town Baie de la Moselle. She was build 54 years ago and looks absolutely beautiful. Do you remember seeing it in Hawaii?

We have all wandered about in town a bit and as before, everything is bloody expensive. But one has to eat the fabulous French pastries!! Yummy. Went dancing one night at the Club Med. That was fun.

It was good talking with you the other day. I'm glad to hear all is well back home. I think this letter will have answered most of your questions. Our plans are to go to N.H., Santa Cruz, Ellise Gilberts or Kirabati, Marshalls and Hawaii. We should be in Vila on Dec. 1, Tarawa, Kirabati around Feb 1st, and Hawaii by March 20th. But who can say?

Please give a big hello to Dorothy and Ethel. I have been thinking a lot about them both lately. And say hello to the Shepards, and Mike and... Hope to hear from you in Vila.

Take Care, Lots of Love, Seaton