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South Pacific, October 30, 1977

105.W, 21.S

Dear Folks,

Its now 20:18 on a dark night with a 12 knot wind on Star Quarter. 5-8 ft. waves/large swells from the S, pleasant cool evening a lot of stars. Speed 5-6 knots with one sail "The Ticonderoga" bought in Antigua.

Anyway, It's now been 1 year since my departure from Salem. So much has passed since that time, I guess I must have changed in many ways with all the various experiences I have had.

The sail from Galapagos has been great! We are getting along well and M.M. is performing very well. Other than an annoying leak, there have been only minor problems.

I spent many hours a day eagerly working at making life just a bit better onboard. I have a large list of items I would like to enable me to make further improvements. I will write more about that later. Perhaps tomorrow.

I'd like to know just how you two feel about having your son take your yacht so far away. I suppose you are thinking about it today now that it's been a year.

Communication has been minimal lately, I'm sorry to say. I never got your letter sent to Galapagos. Fact is, there was no mail for me. So it goes. I'm hoping that mail will improve when we get to French Polynesia.

I will write more later, Love, Seaton

Nov. 7/1977

And now it's later. Here we are at anchor at Easter Island. The wind is 12-15 knots offshore and I chose to stay aboard on our first day here. The Port Captain has just left with Alex and Lavonne. The island is beautiful from here and I look forward to going ashore when I feel the weather is stable enough. Being the captain and only one with so much sea time, I feel very responsible and cautious. I always hesitate to leave M.M. I can clearly see now how you must have felt dad.

Nov. 9/1977

Well, Alex will be flying for S.A. today. That leaves us with 4 crew. I feel all will be well. Things will probably be more relaxed now.

I'm not certain how long we will stay here. But it certainly should be less than a week. I have the impression that Lavonne is very keen on Easter Island and it's history.

I'm wondering if you have ever received my longest letter, I sent it from Quito. Yes? No?! How about charts and books from Panama? Any packages turned up lately? You say there is mail for me. I'm anxious to find out whom it's from. Seems to be forever since last mail.

Dear Mom,

Have a very Happy Birthday! Would you like a gift from Easter Island? I'll see what I can find. How about from Pitcairn?

Have Fun, Seaton

Anyway, till next letter, take care, and don't forget to write to me and tell me what you are up to lately!

Bye Bye, Seaton

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